The above plot, updated on March 1, 2008, is the current sunspot cycle provided by the daily sunspot service at

Sunspot Maximum will probably begin sometime in 2011 according to NOAA estimates .We will set our day counter for March 1, 2011 and reassess a better date in December 2010.

When will we arrive at sunspot maximum?

The new sunspot, identified as #10,981, is the latest visible spot to appear since NOAA began numbering them on January 5, 1972. Its high-latitude location at 27 degrees North, and its negative polarity leading to the right in the Northern Hemisphere are clear-cut signs of a new solar cycle, according to NOAA experts.

The new 11-year cycle, called Solar Cycle 24, is expected to build gradually, with the number of sunspots and solar storms reaching a maximum by 2011 or 2012.