Frequently Asked Question pages on the web are a good source of information about space weather.

Ask the Space Scientist (NASA-IMAGE) – This resource has over 200 FAQs about topics related to the sun-earth system, space weather and the IMAGE satellite.

Ask the Astronomer (Astronomy Cafe) – This resource is by far the most extensive, with over 3000 FAQs on virtually every category in astronomy. The author created two published books from this collection: The Astronomy Cafe (1998) and Back to the Astronomy Cafe (2003).

Ask a Solar Physicist (Stanford University) – The Stanford Solar Center has a list of a few dozen of their more popular FAQs, plus a form interface for asking more questions.

Ask Dr. SOHO (NASA / ESA – SoHO) – This resource is affiliated with the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory. Their list includes 50 questions about the sun and solar science.

Ask an Astronomer (Cornell University) – This site includes the usual archive of past questions and answers, with 56 sun-related questions and about as many related to Earth.

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