There are many excellent sources of information about space weather and solar storms. One of the most comprehensive, non-technical, books on the subject is ‘The 23rd Cycle:Learning to live with a stormy star’. This book is available at this website in its entirety in PDF and searchable text.

Other resources include FAQ websites, which provide a quick highlight of many of the basic questions and answers about the sun, earth and the consequences of space weather.

There are also many excellent movies, videos and animations, collected here, that provide a dramatic visual tour of space weather concepts.

Finally, newspapers are often a delightful source of information about storms in the past and how people reacted to them. Many of the important articles published before December 31, 1922 when copyright restrictions for 2004 take effect, are available at the ‘News’ link in the menu on the left in PDF and searchable text. Additional, and more recent news articles between 1923-2005 will be reprinted here under the ‘fair use’ clause of the United States copyright law.

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